• Which areas do you cover?

We cover Leicestershire, Tamworth, Birmingham, Derby, and Northampton

• Do you offer a fitting only service

Sorry we do not offer fitting only service.

• Can you supply materials without the fitting service?

Yes we can supply the materials without the fitting service.

• How many samples can we order to view at home?

You can order many as you like.

• How big are the samples?

90% of our samples are large display size.

• Do you bring samples of underlay, skirting, door bars, beading etc

Yes we bring a variety of underlay, Skirting, Door bars and beading samples. We like you to look and feel all the products that will be used for your flooring project.

• Do you offer to install entrance matting?

Yes. We have a range of entrance matting in variety of colours. We can install matting with appropriate edge trims

• Do you offer matching trims.ie beading, skirting, door bars to match our floor?

Yes we do. We have over 60 colours in beading and skirtings.

• Are your fitters professional?

Yes. All our fitters are specialist floor fitters. There are not general builders, only fit flooring and have over 15 years of experience.

• Are your prices competitive?

Yes we can offer you quality products at highly competitive prices. We are absolutely confident about our pricing strategy as it is based on extremely low overheads without compromising quality or service. We guarantee the best price.

• What type of payments do you accept?

You can pay by credit/debit card, cheque, bank transfer or cash

• Do you offer specialised trims, Stair nosings etc.

Yes we do. Including stainless steel trims.

• Do we have to make a commitment for an order on the day of the appointment?

Absolutely not. We are a highly ethical company and we do not believe in pressure sales .We let our product quality, knowledge, skilled workmanship and attitude do the work.

• How good are you products and services?

We like to humbly but confidently say that we only sell high quality products and quality of our workmanship is excellent. Our independent reviews are 100% excellent and 5 stars.

• Why do you sell only high quality floor covering?

The years of experience we carry with us has never doubted the product quality and brands we sell. We strongly believe in the products which we sell and are exceptionally good among vast no of other products in the flooring market. We want to sell the best for you in value, durability and longevity

• Do you sell inferior budget flooring for short term use?

Sorry we don’t. However you will find our prices on our high quality products highly competitive. Also you will save up to 50% on underlay and accessories compared to high street prices.

• What are the advantages of buying from us compared to buying from a shop or online?

Many.In a nutshell we provide a personalised service to fulfil your flooring needs based on your usage, style and expectations at a competitive price.

Buying Online

                      Buying from WFS



Vast variety of products marketed in the same way therefore it is very difficult to differentiate the real quality attributes


We have to opted to sell only carefully selected high quality products therefore you know any product you buy from us is of real high quality

Limited no of small samples swatches sent to the customer of the product to look and feel


We bring unlimited no of large samples for you to have a clearer picture
Offers guidance to measure  

We will measure for you and do a full survey including any sub floor irregularities and suitability


Do not offer guidance on how to overcome impediment affecting installation and aesthetics


We will survey and offer real solutions to overcome impediments with no or minimal affect to aesthetics


Difficulty in choosing underlay and other accessories; to colour match suitable thickness, quantity and practicality of such product to install.


When we survey whether we fit or you are fitting yourself we will show you all the accessories to be used, colour match, estimate the quantity and ensure it is compatible with other products, and ease of installation


Some companies offers fitting service
Without any liability to the company


We take full liability of our products, our fitting service and take fully accountability of the complete job.


If you need an extra pack, extra accessory after measuring yourself there will be a hefty delivery charge and have to wait resulting in higher cost and delay in completion.


If you opted to fit yourself, we will measure for you and if product runs short due to our error we will supply relevant goods without charge. If it is due to your error or your fitters, we will not charge for any delivery.


Difficulty and uncertainty of finding a good fitter


We use highly skilled professional fitters and take full accountability of their work

After sales/Installation  

We will visit your property on completion to make sure you are entirely satisfied with our work. If you have any issues we will take immediate steps to put it right.


The colours of your floor, ceiling and walls have a strong impact on how you will experience the room. Depending on the choice and combinations you make, you can change the specific style and atmosphere of the room in question.


yellow and beige

Stands for sun, fun and optimism.
Floors with a light oak, beech or maple design can make a dark room feel sunnier and give it a more peaceful atmosphere.


Red and orange

Stands for warmth, intimacy and harmony.
Floors with a cherry or Merbau design give an exotic, warm feeling to your interior. This can be further accentuated by the addition of colonial and solid furniture



Stands for earth, comfort and security
Floors with a brown tint make a connection with the earth and nature. Brown is an excellent backdrop for rustic furniture and bright strong colours.


White and light beige

Stands for light, purity and timelessness.
Floors with a pattern of light maple or Norwegian pine add brightness, space and light to a room and give it a more contemporary feel.



Stands for neutral, chic and peaceful.
Floors with a grey tint are a perfect match for trendy colours and warm tones. Grey also provides a contemporary look to authentic furniture.



Stands for luxury, style and chic.
A black floor adds style to your home. Black gives your room a luxurious appearance, especially in combination with bright colours for your walls and ceiling, and a few eye-catching decorative features.


Did you know that you can make a particular room look larger, warmer, narrower, deeper or longer simply by playing with the colours of the floor, ceiling and walls?


As a general rule light tints make a room appear larger, while darker colours make it seem smaller. Of course, the colour of your floor also plays an important role in this.


Light-coloured floors will make a room more airy and optically larger. Moreover, light tints give a room a clean, rustic and timeless look.
Light wooden floors go very well together with darker furniture and make for a surprising combination.


Dark floors are ideal to create contrast. They combine well with light walls or with other dark colours used to add a note or as accessories.
Too many dark colours will produce a sombre effect at the expense of the overall atmosphere. So make sure to add a few striking accessories in the interior.


A room with a light floor and light walls appears extra wide. Too many light colours however will make it look cool and impersonal.


Dark walls in a room with a light floor and a light ceiling will bring out the horizontal lines.


A light floor, light ceiling and a light rear wall will make a room seem narrower, deeper and higher.


A light floor, light ceiling and a dark rear wall will make a room seem smaller.

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