Engineered Structure


An engineered floor is a floor board made of more than one piece of wood.
Top layer of an engineered floor is made of thick veneer of solid wood (2.5mm-6mm)
Core layer is made of plywood, HDF or a soft wood placed and glued in multiple directions to enhance the strength and dimensional stability of the top layer of solid wood.
Finally finished off with a stabilising backing layer resulting an exceptionally stable beautiful hardwood floor.
Engineered flooring is versatile and can be regarded as the best innovation in the hardwood flooring industry, allowing you to install your chosen wood specie, colour, finish, and surface texture in areas where solid hardwood is not recommended or suitable. This means you get the natural effect and ambience you want from a natural hardwood floor without having to worry as much about the moisture levels and temperature fluctuations in your room. Our engineered floors come from the world renowned brands to free up your options in regards to quality and choice, letting your creativity lead all the way.

Advantages of Engineered Flooring

• Exceptional dimensional and structural stability against seasonal temperature changes.
• Compatible to use with underfloor heating systems, which tend to dry out solid hardwood, causing the boards to shrink, cup, and buckle.
• Can be laid as a floating floor or be glued down directly to the floor
• Can be laid in moisture prone areas like the kitchen, basements and conservatories
• Offers extra stability in rooms subject to varying temperatures (conservatories and rooms with wood burning stoves.
• Option of Glue less click engineered floors for ease of installation, faster completion time with the outcome of a characteristic natural hardwood floor.

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