Amtico is a British manufacturer and an expert in both product and service. The company designs, manufactures and supplies an array of Luxury vinyl tile options, known in the industry as LVT. This is a type of flooring that is incredibly durable and robust. This strength comes from several heat compressed layers, which form one tile with varied features. Theses tiles have flexible designs and are easy to clean, maintain, repair and replace. LVT is perfect for busy areas and many hotels and restaurants choose Amtico because of the hard-wearing benefits, coupled with beautiful designs. Engineered to withstand busy family life environments, Amtico maintains a ‘just laid’ appearance for years.

Why choose Amtico?

Durable & robust
The heat-compressed layers that make up
our LVT flooring are hard-wearing and
strong. These robust layers are designed
to withstand daily wear and the flooring
is quick and easy to install.

Superior looks
Amtico LVT doesn’t just give you strength
and resilience but it also brings aesthetic
appeal and a fabulous finish to your floor.
With an array of options across Wood,
Stone and Abstracts it’s possible to recreate
the latest flooring trends and bring the
style you want to suit your surroundings.
Not only does it look good but it also feels
light, soft and warm underfoot.

Flexibility with design
With so many different styles and laying
patterns available, it’s possible to create
something unique and individual for
your home with Amtico LVT.

Easy to look after
Amtico LVT looks and feels
good with the minimum
effort from you. It keeps its
appearance and is easy to
clean, maintain and repair.

Designed and Made in Britain

Design talent, innovative manufacturing processes and precise craftsmanship are at the very heart of Amtico. Crafted at the Amtico specialist factory in Coventry, England, Amtico luxury flooring is high quality, unique and comes with the reassurance of genuine provenance. Globally renowned for there expert knowledge and skill base, there are recognised as a leading manufacturer and supplier of modern flooring design. With a long history of creating functional yet beautiful, long-lasting flooring, they have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in your home.

Our services

Full survey of the existing sub floor condition to ascertain suitability.
Moisture test of subfloor (DPM)
Relative humidity check (RH level)
Subfloor level check
Interior ideas
Personalised service

Supply and Installation
Damp proofing for residual moisture or ground moisture
Latex levelling using most suitable and highest quality levelling compound
High quality and most suitable Amtico adhesive type used based on the room environment
Options to use luxurious trimming for transition to carpet, wood or any other floor covering

Post installation
Initial cleaning of the floor using Amtico cleaner
Advise and literature in maintenances
Excellent after sales service


Complete range of Amtico sampling bought to your home

Room visualiser services

Please note: We strictly do not offer a “supply only service” for any Amtico products.